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C.T. Carmel Mountain Ranch 2012
I was a student of yours about three years ago at the Scripps Ranch location, I thoroughly enjoyed the class.  I found it calming, relaxing, and inspiring.  Since then I moved to the East coast and had to quit your class.  Now I am back in San Diego, thank god, and would love to start learning from you again!  I moved to the Carmel Mountain area so the Bernardo location is slightly closer now.  I am wondering if I can come to your free class this Saturday and resume the best Yoga class in my opinion.
L.L. Poway 2011
For several years I have been dealing with neck issues, back pain, sciatica, weak and fragile wrists, and more recently, pre menopausal symptoms. Not any more. I am more physically and emotionally balanced since committing to yoga with Carol twice a week. I have been so pleased with my progress and results over the last 10 months. Once again, I feel as young as I am. I am hooked!
Carol's expertise, attentive approach and encouragement make the experience easy. The routine is never repetitive and the guided relaxation at the end of class is a real bonus. We all need more of that!
I always leave class feeling stronger, more mentally focused and rejuvenated.
I wish I had found Carol years ago!
D.S. Poway 2010
Just want you to know that the class this morning was wonderful.  I came in with some
sciatic pain and those poses we did have taken care of the pain!  I am so
glad Cindy and I found you.  See you next Wed.
C.C. Albuquerque formerly Scripps Ranch   2010
Spending time with a friend brought me to Carol's yoga class, but cessation of lower back pain kept me returning. One class per week keeps me pain free! How can easy stretching with gentle spinal twists and a few balance postures make such a difference? I don't know but if I slack off and don't go to class my back lets me know.
If apprehensive of your ability to do yoga, don't let that keep you away. Carol helps newcomers through the postures, and doesn't push you beyond your abilities. The class varies from week to week, and if you need work on a particular area she will incorporate that into the class.
I highly recommend "Yoga Body and Mind" for anyone, with or without specific injuries.
L.S. Tucson formerly Scripps Ranch
I hope you remember me from all the classes I took from you at Scripps Ranch. I just wanted to tell you that I think you are one of the most conscientious yoga teachers that I have ever met. I have not been in a steady class since I arrived in Tucson, having moved the last few days of August 2006. I did take one class at the Parks and Recreation Department in November The teacher drove me nuts during the one class I took. She had to demonstrate each and every posture first, and she took forever, while the class stood and watched her. Then she held everything so long I almost fell asleep.
I have just joined the YWCA and am taking a yoga class there. I went to my first session yesterday and it was pretty good. But I was struck by the fact that no other yoga teacher I've had over the last 20 years has ever asked for a health status report before starting a new student. You are obviously very careful in your practice and you impressed me with your thoroughness...
One thing that I noticed about your classes that I have not seen yet with the Y class is that you always varied your exercises. So far I have been to four of the Y classes and there has been very little difference in the kinds of positions and the sequence that she follows. Hopefully, she will add more variety to the classes. You really did a masterful job, Carol.
I just need to tell you again that the quality of the yoga classes you present to students is superior to most of the others out there. Since I have been in Tucson, I have taken classes from four teachers and none has had the dedication, variety of poses, and just pure general knowledge that you gave to your students while I took classes from you at Scripps Ranch. Most of the classes here have been one hour in length and that is just not long enough, and the teachers haven't shown the students all that I know they could show them. A lot of the people taking the classes are fairly new to yoga so they don't have anything to compare the classes to, but I do.
A.S. Poway
After attending classes at YOGA Body and Mind for over five years, I have come to the conclusion that yoga is a necessity. I have learned enough that I can practice at home as well as going to class.
Practicing the postures, stretching for the low back and hip flexors and toning of the spinal column were emphasized in every class. The practice of yoga has kept me flexible and strong.
There are also feelings of calmness and well-being that are always present in class. Outside of class it seems that stressful situations are more manageable. I find it easier to get to sleep at night.
I would recommend YOGA Body and Mind to those who are looking for classes they will love and will be able to do for the rest of their lives
K.S. Scripps Ranch
After five breast reconstruction surgeries post breast cancer, my left shoulder had approximately 20 percent of normal range of motion. Several months of medical physical therapy and the therapists said goodbye and good luck; they could not help me any more. Then, with just a few of Carol's yoga classes, I was able to do something I was unable to do since all the surgeries---zip up the back of a dress!!! This is a testimonial to the healing power of yoga and how truly good it can make you feel.